REQUEST QUOTE Naphthenic Acids

At Merichem, we bring more than 70 years of experience in the handling of caustic streams to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Our technical expertise allows us to recommend the right caustic treating needs for your specific processes and, if needed, handle most resulting caustic solutions.

Our Beneficial Reuse of caustic streams helps our customers achieve their waste minimization and sustainability goals while eliminating labor intensive waste handling protocols such as manifesting, waste record keeping, etc. Your spent caustic is used as a substitute for other commercially available products or as a feedstock in our, or other customer, production processes. In either case, Merichem will utilize your spent materials in a non-waste, environmentally responsible manner.

Merichem's advanced logistics system allows us to transport caustic solutions to our chemical plants and terminals in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. Additionally, our adherence to the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care program ensures compliance to the highest industry standards.

From our expertise in caustic management, Merichem has broadened our business to include handling other secondary streams from the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. Our extensive and diverse network of end-users ensures reliable utilization of your products. In fact, since Merichem is a significant user of these materials ourselves, we provide reliability that is unmatched by any competitor.

Products we currently handle include:

  • Spent‌ Caustics‌ (Sulfidics,‌ Naphthenics,‌)
  • Spent‌ Potassium‌ Hydroxide‌ (KOH)
  • Off-spec‌ Hydrocarbons
  • Off-spec‌ Sodium‌ Hydroxide

It’s true! Merichem is the partner of choice for non-waste utilization of your secondary materials.