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If you are looking for a career opportunity in a global company with a respected tradition of excellence focused on providing dynamic engineering technology solutions, you have found your career solution.

Merichem Company is a worldwide leader in responsible hydrocarbon treating technology and byproduct-management services.  We offer a diversified portfolio of innovative products and services to a wide range of operations, which includes refining and petrochemicals industries.

Every good company knows that its people, across the range of jobs, and at every level, make it special.  We live that concept at Merichem.  From hiring the best…to developing employees and recognizing their achievements…to promoting and incenting our strong performers, Merichem dedicates itself to being an employer of choice.

We’re looking for employees who are committed to problem-solving and innovation. At Merichem, individuals and teams are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

At Merichem, we take a whole-person approach to employment, whether you are an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, a degreed engineer looking for a better fit or a skilled technician looking for a great place to work. One of our goals is to provide outstanding opportunities, training & benefits.

Your experience plays a key role and Merichem values the knowledge each individual brings to the team. We believe each employee contributes to our successes and respect the expertise our employees bring to our organization.

Expertise is core, of course – we foster a culture of professionalism.  But we go beyond the resume’s bullet points.  What do you bring every day that helps all of us reach the ambitious goals that we set for ourselves?  Do you have ideas, drive and a team mindset?  Are you ready to be a contributor? Do you think a technology environment can be rewarding?  
If the answer is yes…

We believe that employment can be a continuous cycle – that in exchange for your hard work, talent and good will, the company offers excellent opportunities, pay, benefits and a terrific working environment, which bonds us together and drives continuing growth and achievement.

At Merichem you can be an innovator — in fact, we encourage it.  Fellow team members are bright and dedicated.  You can be proud to work with a respected industry leader, where diversity, inclusion and environmental stewardship are competitive advantages.

We want you to succeed. And we want you to want Merichem to succeed.

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