ARI-100 Series of Catalysts

The new ARI-100 Series of catalysts is the key to improved refinery and hydrocarbon processing operation. These improved cobalt catalytic reagents accelerate the oxidation of mercaptans in petroleum fractions.

Improved Cobalt-Based Catalytic Reagents Enhance Hydrocarbon Sweetening Processes

New catalysts, as well as enhanced versions of earlier ARI-100 Series cobalt-based catalysts, have been developed by Merichem Gas Technologies for applications in hydrocarbon processing and refining.


Solids-free ARI-100EXL, used in liquid to liquid contact processes,

  • Is a 100% soluble solution
  • Causes no solids formation
  • Eliminates solids settling issues
  • Minimizes DSO carryover
  • Is compatible with continuous catalyst injection systems


Now offered in powdered form, ARI-120L is a catalytic reagent for fixed bed processes,

  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Offers unlimited shelf life
  • Reduces carbon bed impregnation time by 50%
  • Offers the convenience of simple catalyst slurry preparation procedure
  • Provides easy operator handling and transport via packaging in 5 gallon plastic pails
  • Simplifies handling with 80% fewer containers required
  • Provides access port in plastic pails for water addition, mixing, and pumping


Long lasting and durable, CAC-120S is a catalytic reagent already adsorbed on the carbon surface. Used in fixed bed processes, CAC-120L

  • Eliminates the need to impregnate replacement carbon with catalyst on-site
  • A faster turnaround results in an additional 5–7 days of hydrocarbon sweetening production
  • Simple wetting and causticizing are the only requirements prior to start-up of the sweetening process
  • Superior quality is due to more uniform adsorption of catalytic reagent on carbon surface yielding more consistent results and extending sweetening life cycle
  • Merichem ensures proper concentration of cobalt content in the carbon
  • Cost savings are due to faster turnaround as well as costs associated with the impregnation process itself
  • Pre-impregnated carbon can be re-impregnated at anytime as any other carbon
  • CAC-120S minimizes the risk of lost production due to an improper on-site impregnation